These are both traditional flours of the Veneto region. The self-produced seed is obtained from samples provided by the
Strampelli Institute germplasm bank at Lonigo in the Province of Vicenza. The ‘polenta’ corn meal obtained from these
flours can be eaten as a hot, soft and creamy accompaniment to other foods or left to thicken and then fried or grilled,
or it can be used to prepare corn dumplings.



Biancoperla Corn Flour (Slow Food Presidium product)


• White flour (so called on account of the pearl-white colour of the cob).

• One of the oldest types of corn, selected about 300 years ago in the Venetian area.

• Polenta (corn meal) obtained with pearl-white flour is sweet and elegant and often served with traditional Venetian fish
recipes, vegetables and cheese.



Maranello Corn Flour


• Flour with a strong yellow colour.

• Originally from Marano Vicentino (hence the name, but with a diminutive termination owing to the small size of the cob).

• The ideal accompaniment for baccalà alla vicentina (a traditional Italian salt-cod recipe) and served with grilled (or
skewer-grilled) meat or fried fish; it is also a good choice for crisp-bread coating.




Working the Flour


Traditional method


Finely ground in accordance with the Vicenza tradition in an old water mill.

Cooks in about 40 minutes. A 1:4 flour/water ratio is recommended for preparing a soft polenta.

Farina di Mais Biancoperla PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD Tradizionale
Farina di Mais Maranello Tradizionale


Special processes only for Maranello corn




Stone-ground with a rough-grain finish in an old stone mill. The bran, a basic element of the Maranello variety, is particularly
evident. A good choice for those who want an intense homemade ‘country flavour’.

Cooks in about 40 minutes. A 1:4 flour/water ratio is recommended for preparing a soft polenta.

Farina di Mais Maranello Macinata a pietra




The fine-grain type makes it possible to prepare a tasty polenta in just 5 minutes; for a more intense flavor it can be
cooked for 10-15 minutes. Since it absorbs a great amount of water, a flour/water ratio of 1:5 is recommended.

Ideal for bread coatings, it is an excellent compromise for anyone who does not have a lot of time to spare but would still
like to enjoy the taste of traditional food.

Farina di Mais Maranello Precotta



What is a Slow Food Presidium?


The ‘Slow Food’ presidia are projects aimed at protecting small enterprises that produce high-quality foods fully respecting
traditional methods. The production methods adopted by the De Tacchi agricultural enterprise fully comply with the basic
conditions required by the Slow Food association; moreover, in order to ensure constant high-quality standards a production
specification in line with the ideals of the association is drawn up and signed.

Biancoperla Flour. This pearl-white variety is obtained from an ancient quality of maize which now risks becoming extinct.
It is protected and recognized as a Presidium product.