The key feature that differentiates the Vialone Nano and Carnaroli rice varieties from others is a greater degree of
resistance during cooking. Their resistance is up to four times higher than that of other types of rice, such as
the Arborio, Baldo, Loto and Sant’Andrea varieties (source: E.R.S.A.F., Regional Agency for Services to Agriculture
and Forestry). Neither of these rice varieties has a particularly strong aroma, which makes them highly suitable
to enhance and absorb the fragrance of accompanying sauces; they are therefore excellent for risotto, but they can
also be used for rice salads, dry rice recipes, soups and all of the other traditional Venetian rice dishes.



Vialone Nano semifino-grade medium-length rice (Slow Food Presidium product)


• Rounded grain and medium size.

• The particular starch composition (amylose and amylopectin) of this variety facilitates an excellent creamy result in risotto
but without losing the texture of the grain.

• Excellent capacity to absorb liquids (up to three times its own volume) and therefore to expand during the cooking process.

• Ideal for risotto or recipes with mushrooms or vegetables and in soups or sushi.


Carnaroli superfino-grade rice


• Long-grain and larger than the Vialone Nano variety.

• Lower degree of creaminess, suitable for a risotto in which a drier appearance with well-separated grains is desired.

• Ideal for more delicate risotto recipes, such as those including fish, rice salads, croquettes, stuffed rice balls, pilaf
or paella.



Rice processing methods




This approach consists in the traditional processing – using a 19th-century husking machine – of the rice of the last year;
once the rice has been husked it is sifted with a latest-generation optical sorter. It is then packaged.

Riso Vialone Nano PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD Tradizionale 1 kg
Riso Vialone Nano TradizionaleRiso Carnaroli Tradizionale 1kgRiso Carnaroli Tradizionale


Maturing for 22 months


This is the most specific operation carried out by our company. The ‘live’ grains of rice, also referred to as paddy rice,
is stored for 22 months in special ventilated silos. The seed, tending to dehydrate and become compacted, absorbs the
oils contained in the rice germ and vitamin A from the external husk, which confers a typical yellowish colour. It is
a completely natural process that enhances the characteristics of the rice grain and also gives it an exceptional capacity
for expansion during cooking.

Riso Vialone Nano PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD Stagionato 22 mesi 1 kg
Riso Vialone Nano PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD Stagionato 22 mesiRiso Carnaroli Stagionato 22 mesi 1kgRiso Carnaroli Stagionato 22 mesi


50% Unpolished rice


This is a light processing of the rice of the last year to preserve its characteristics (stronger fragrance, a more intense
flavour and greater fibre content), while reducing cooking time with respect to brown rice. It can in fact be cooked
in just over 15 minutes, less than half the time required for a fully wholemeal rice.

Riso Vialone Nano PRESIDIO SLOW FOOD Semintegrale
Riso Carnaroli Semintegrale



What is a Slow Food Presidium?


The ‘Slow Food’ presidia are projects aimed at protecting small enterprises that produce high-quality foods fully respecting
traditional methods. The production methods adopted by the De Tacchi agricultural enterprise fully comply with the basic
conditions required by the Slow Food association; moreover, in order to ensure constant high-quality standards a production
specification in line with the ideals of the association is drawn up and signed.

The De Tacchi company is the headquarters of the Association of Agricultural Producers in the Grumolo delle Abbadesse Rice
Presidium and in fact comprises the first Slow Food Presidium for rice in Italy with respect to the Vialone Nano variety
in this particular area.